Video Demos


 With this Television commercial for Sharp Digital View Cams Peter received a standing ovation as he exited the booth at Yellow Box Studios in Singapore. He was selected as the voice for this poetic read for his deep, sexy, sultry interpretation of the producer's needs.

Although all of the producers, account executives, copywriters, engineers and representatives of the client were men, it is the women who are touched by Peter's delivery.

 Peter was selected as the gritty, tough, coach-like voice for this Goodyear Tires television commercial which was produced in Singapore. His voice was used for two renditions of the commercial: one for Goodyear car tires and one for Goodyear motorcycle tires. Both were aired throughout Southeast Asia.

In a statement after the session Peter said, "The account executive from the ad agency pulled me aside and asked me if I knew who Vince Lombardi was. I said that he was the coach of the Green Bay Packers in the sixties. He asked me to read the tag as if I was Vince Lombardi in the Packer's locker room at half time. I went back into the booth, winced up my face, gritted my teeth and delivered the Goodyear statement as tough and as mean as I could. After a few moments of silence I heard, 'That's it! That's it! Take. Take.' "